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To men who always want to feel great, Ben & Johnny’s is the barbershop that helps them establish an unwavering haircut regimen.


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About Us

We like to get personal with all of our customers! Get to know us so we can have more to talk about when you come in for a haircut.

Ben & Johnnys is honestly the BEST barbershop in the area hands down. Very clean and family friendly. I take my two little brothers here all the time to get a haircut. Ben has been cutting my hair personally for almost 3 years. Every barber is quality! Always has good music playing and barbers are always having funny conversation. I HIGHLY recommend coming to this barbershop especially if you have a child. You will want to keep coming back after you go through the the amazing experience of Ben & Johnnys.
Johnathan Bezianis

Ben Katz has been cutting my hair for about 5 years now. Not only is he the best barber I have ever experienced but he has also become a best friend of mine. The overall atmosphere of Ben and Johnny’s is comfortable, fun, and one can easily determine that customer service is their utmost concern. They are all great with kids as well and a lollipop at the end of a fresh cut definitely helps. I can confidently say that Ben and Johnny’s barbershop is the BEST in South Florida!! All you need to do is book online and you will truly know the feeling of having an immaculate, ON POINT haircut by the best.

Brian Benni

Ben has been my barber since 2015 while he was at Carl’s barber shop. Now him and Johnny opened up On Point, and I love it so much more then Carl’s they have a way nicer lounge with complementary water, soda, AND a PlayStation 4 while you wait. The shop itself looks stunning. They have a very friendly staff with knowledgeable barbers I would HIGHLY recommend this shop to anyone wanting a fantastic haircut.

Cedric Bilodeau

Hands down best barbershop I have been to, coming from Orlando a year ago Ben has always been my barber ever since. I always leave with a fresh cut every time I go thanks to him. I not only do they cut your hair exactly how you want it but they also cut it fast, I once got a skin fade haircut and it only took about 10-15 mins and it was perfect!

Kevin Ortiz

So proud of Ben & Johnny!!! Johnny has been cutting my husband’s hair for a few years and each cut gets better and better! The shop is put together beautifully & everyone is ready and eager to help! Be sure to book online through their website as the shop is always full! I promise you’ll be impressed!

Carley Alleavitch

Great barbershop. Went there for the first time and I’m going to keep going back. Ben new how to take care of my head and gave me a great cut.

Ted Oviedo